This system ensures a high degree of cost optimisation by removing the vacuum generation function from individual lines or autoclaves and centralising it in a single apparatus

The rationale guiding the continuous improvement of our systems has led us to develop these vacuum generation systems that have become so effective that they are now universally recognised as “essential solutions”.

Our innovative and unique vacuum creation system can cater for “in-line” operation of up to ten of our sterilisation plant systems.
Immagine di una pompa dei una centrale del vuoto - Image of a pump of a vacuum central


The standardised control of vacuum creation ensures considerable savings in the design and construction phases and during subsequent maintenance.

Technical support is simplified, and equipment damage risk is reduced.

Operator risk is significantly reduced as the vacuum generator is confined to a dedicated room.


Ser.Com centralised vacuum units can be customised according to customer production and logistics requirements.

They allow complete service and software integration with existing production plant and operate perfectly with existing control systems.

The vacuum station is equipped with:

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Coolant separators
  • Vacuum accumulators
  • Electrical panels
  • Management and control software
Immagine di una centrale del vuoto in costruzione - Image of a vacuum power plant under construction


Medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing
Production of composite materials
Food industry
Pneumatic conveyance of loose materials

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