Process plant engineering

Our strong problem-solving skills enable us to operate in the complex environment of process plant engineering for the industrial production sector.
Our plant installations supplement the processing and transformation cycles of industrial products, becoming a key element in production processes for small, medium and large companies.

Our team of sector experts and professionals accompanies the customer throughout all project phases, from the project feasibility assessment to final system commissioning. Our knowledge of process streamlining enables us to recognise production cycle problems so that we can intervene in the design phase to optimise plant parameters.

Find out more about some of our completed projects

Gas cylinder management system.
Complete lines for the production of paraffin-based rodenticides, pasta, granules and pellet material.
Plant for the production of liquid insecticides, flowables and microemulsions.
Plant or plant components for the production of disinfectants, detergents, cosmetic sludges and insecticides.
Production and packaging equipment for the confectionery industry.
Air extraction and air/fume treatment systems.
Machinery cooling systems.
Packaging systems.
Cogeneration systems.
Vibrating screens and separators.
Pigment colouring/distribution and oil filtration systems.
Vacuum generating station.

We build customised and turnkey solutions in accordance with Industry 4.0 streamlining principles.

Our systems can be equipped with automation mechanisms and interconnection interfaces with current management systems.

Completing our capability profile, we perform all required electrical design and provide the PLC and SCADA control software, which implements continuous machine or plant status monitoring and raises alerts to ensure prompt remedial action on errors, inefficiencies or faults. Such integrated solutions also make it possible to monitor and log any system data specifically requested by the customer.

We select only high-quality materials and devices to ensure safety and durability. All our industrial plant and machinery is checked with multiple exhaustive functionality tests, from project design to commissioning.

What kind of system do you need?
Immagine di un'impianto produzione di topidici in pasta - Image of a plant producing topidici in pasta