With a view to optimising processes, we create and design handling systems incorporated in our industrial machines and external to them. Semi-automated management of goods movement ensures improved production and logistics performance.

For this reason, we have studied special catenary-based handling systems for the movement of  bulk product  on standard “Euro” (80 x 120 cm) and American “GMA” (102 x 122 cm) pallets.

The supervising operator manually loads the goods-bearing pallet onto the handling system and starts the process. The software autonomously controls and compacts the pallets, advancing them on the production line until the entire process is completed.

Immagine di una sistema di movimentazione quadro comandi - Image of a control panel handling system
Application example
Technical details

Our in-line EO sterilisation systems can be equipped with pallet movement equipment: automatic management of the transition between consecutive process phases avoids direct operator contact with sterilised goods and the risk of exposure to gas residues. Special devices and sensors ensure that all steps are monitored and logged to drastically reduce human error and the possibility of tampering.

Our handling systems are customised based on the volume of goods, paying special attention to loading, unloading, and inter-stage transfers.

They are made of steel, fully motorised and automated by software.


EO in-line sterilisation system
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