Immagine di una fase di scarico di una camera di degasaggio - Image of a discharge phase of a degassing chamberImmagine di una fase di scarico di una camera di degasaggio - Image of a discharge phase of a degassing chamber
In line or stand-alone?
The new frontier of EO sterilisation

Innovative solutions for a variety of sterilisation needs. Conceived, designed and manufactured individually or in the innovative “in-line” format to standardise and automate all steps.

Immagine di una fase di progettazione - Image of a design phaseImmagine di una fase di progettazione - Image of a design phase
Custom, or in other words, everything made to measure
Design is the basis of every accomplishment

But that’s not all. Whereas design endeavour is tailored to specific requirements, it is also essential to provide after-sales solutions.

Immagine di un operaio specializzato che salda - Image of a skilled worker weldingImmagine di un operaio specializzato che salda - Image of a skilled worker welding
Since 1989… and beyond
“Know-how” rooted in craftsmanship

An asset that, over the years, has transformed a traditional metal workshop into an experimental laboratory of ideas, prototypes and projects.

Machinery and technical equipment for industry

Ethylene oxide sterilisation plants, autoclaves for composites, process plant engineering.

Designing, building, disassembling and reassembling, analysing, discovering and inventing. These are the key elements that have been the driving force behind the development of Ser.Com since its establishment in 1989.

A rich history of change and innovation, of technology and “know-how” rooted in craftsmanship. But also a path rich in ideas, a host of solutions and ever-innovative projects that have enabled us to be true to ourselves and to our native community.

The constant focus on providing immediate and effective answers to a diversity of technical problems has instilled in us an increasingly solid and expanding “know-how”. A depth of knowledge that we use in tackling all new challenges and all new projects in the medical, pharmaceutical, metalworking, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Our products are designed to last for years and maintain very high levels of efficiency. This is possible thanks to our expertise in following the customer through the entire process: from feasibility study to project design, from the construction of the machinery to its installation on site.

A complete, customer-specific pathway that takes into account particular production needs and goals.

We are a small, close-knit team,  but we accomplish a great deal. 
We are not a big company,  but we do great things. 
We are a small, close-knit team,  but we accomplish a great deal. 
We are not a big company,  but we do great things. 

We are a small, close-knit team, but we accomplish a great deal.

We are not a big company, but we do great things.


Design and manufacture of pressurised or atmospheric pressure sterilising machines. Combined with the pre-conditioning and degassing chambers, they implement an innovative in-line EO sterilisation plant concept.
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Custom-designed chambers for the optimal preparation of items for autoclave sterilisation. Temperature and humidity are internally controlled for efficient absorption of the gas mixture.
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Degassing completes the EO sterilisation process by acting as a “quarantine stage” for the treated goods. Their role is to safely dispose of gas residues without handling product pallets.
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A new control and tracking system for ethylene oxide mixture cylinders developed to optimise the management and supply of the gas needed for the sterilisation process.
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Innovative system capable of handling up to ten in-line sterilisation plants simultaneously. The centralised handling of vacuum generation provides significant design, construction and maintenance benefits.
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Composite material processing plant, essential for sectors such as aeronautics and automotive. Our custom-designed autoclaves are used in the production of small and large individual components.
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Design and construction of industrial processing systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. Industry 4.0-compliant customised and turnkey plant solutions that can be adapted and incorporated into all existing systems.
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Reconditioning and overhaul of outdated industrial plant to improve production efficiency and safety. Renovating obsolete machinery not only reduces costs but also ensures significant energy savings.
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Automated catenary transport systems streamline the transfer of large quantities of goods stacked on standard Euro and American GMA pallets.
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Low-temperature sterilisation

Why choose ethylene oxide

Sterilisation is the final step before medical-surgical devices are placed on the market or used. The sterilisation procedure using ethylene oxide (also known as EO or EtO) ensures the complete destruction of viruses and bacteria by destroying their DNA and inhibiting their reproduction.

This sterilisation method is particularly effective for the treatment of large quantities of packaged goods on pallets: the gas mixture penetrates deep into the goods, which thus undergo the entire process without tampering.

Sterilisation with EO offers the greatest variety of applications on medical products and devices due to its enhanced efficacy at low temperatures and compatibility with a wide variety of materials to be treated.

In sterilisation plant using a potentially dangerous gas like ethylene oxide, nothing must be left to chance: Ser.Com is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability on its machines. This ensures total safety for workers and end users of the processed devices.

By choosing Ser.Com, you favour an innovative approach to the design of machines and plant that use ethylene oxide in the most efficient way possible without neglecting safety and environmental impact.

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