Designed, planned and built by us in Italy.

We are a Padua-based company specialising in engineering solutions for the production and installation of:

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilisation systems
  • Autoclaves for composite materials
  • Industrial process plant engineering

Designing, building, disassembling and reassembling, analysing, discovering and inventing.

These are the key elements that have been the driving force behind the development of Ser.Com since its establishment in 1989. A rich history of change and innovation, of technology and “know-how” rooted in craftsmanship. But also a path rich in ideas, a host of solutions and ever-innovative projects that have enabled us to be true to ourselves and to our native community.

Our endeavour stems from the personal expertise of the founder, Osvaldo Notaro, who learnt how to solve the most diverse problems with foresight and practical acumen,  both in the workshop, working directly on machinery, and on-site, where situations can be decidedly more complex and multifaceted. Over the years, his intuition has transformed a metal workshop into an experimental laboratory of ideas, prototypes and projects.

A place where research and study of multiple sectors have enabled us to establish ourselves as a cross-sectoral but always on-point presence in the chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, food and cosmetics industries.

Our team is made up of young, enterprising people who are always ready to get involved in order to discover something new and achieve ever-greater results. Our staff are highly specialised and have years of experience in the field of industrial plant engineering and sterilisation.

Our History...

Ser.Com. S.r.l.


How we started

Ser.Com’s story began as a prototype workshop, developing effective solutions to a wide variety of problems. From the outset, we produced several technical installations for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our output included  machinery for the production of rodenticides and insecticides, air and fume treatment plant, cooling systems, as well as production and packaging equipment for the food industry.


First experiences

The early 1990s saw the construction of the first autoclaves for pressurised ethylene oxide (EO) sterilisation. These machines enable medical-surgical devices to be sterilised in large quantities and quickly. But the number of machines produced was still too low to justify specialisation in this area.


The new millennium

In the 2000s, we added the production of heating systems, boilers, photovoltaic panels and pumps. Our innovative industrial vacuum steam heating system was patented, a revolution in air conditioning for large production facilities. At this time, we also returned to innovation in the area of sterilisation by embedding digital systems in what were previously purely analogue machines.


The great leap

The breakthrough came in 2008 with the development of the first atmospheric pressure EO steriliser. This technology reduces production costs and minimises safety risks. Following our lead, hundreds of pallets of pharmaceutical and hospital goods are now processed every day using Ser.Com machinery. These years saw the development of the contract sterilisation market; handling was simplified, and costs were optimised. Our autoclaves are marketed in Italy and exported all over the world: this was the beginning of specialisation in large-scale sterilisation.


Expansion in the market

Meanwhile, faithful to our nature as inquisitive explorers, we engineered and built our first autoclaves to form composite materials for the automotive and aerospace industries. We build chambers for pre-conditioning and degassing products to be sterilised. We devised a system for the control and management of EO gas cylinders and built equipment for pressing and processing oleaceous seeds, vibrating screens, and packaging machinery.


Process optimisation

We designed and built the first fully automated, customised EO sterilisation line. The product is loaded by the operator and by means of a pallet handling system; the entire sterilisation cycle is completed autonomously and safely.


Looking to the future…

We implemented a prototype vacuum generating station in 2023 and still have many projects in the pipeline. We are never complacent, and our “laboratory” is always ready for a new challenge.


An essential value

Our approach to work has always been linked to optimisation and to saving resources. Before sustainability became an everyday topic, we had always been committed to making machines with the least possible impact on the environment and people. Energy efficiency but with guaranteed reliability. Requiring minimal maintenance, our systems can last for decades, thereby cutting costs and reducing waste.

Throughout our history, we have sought to meet our customers’ needs by salvaging outdated equipment components and refurbishing them. Thanks to our revamping strategy, we were able to repurpose disused elements into new, high-performance industrial gear.

This is what we mean by sustainability: quality in production processes, safety for people, care for the environment and our excellent machine durability.

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